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MoonshotGarage Labs (“MGL”) is Australia’s pre-eminent creator of NFTs focused on developing and launching NFT opportunities in categories of:

Music, sporting and entertainment memorabilia.
Publishing books, music & digital art.
Creating iconic digital brand promotions.
Marketing unique sought after event rights
Facilitating opportunities to participate in the ownership of unique stores of value & Decentralised Autonomous Organisations "DAOs" of unique highly valued collectibles.

MGL seeks to bring together the very best Web 3 development capabilities with digital marketing, entertainment & financial services talent to deliver a diverse array of NFT focused products driven by a robust understanding of what customers want.

MGL has developed strong partnerships with Australia’s leading NFT platform Immutable, payment systems partners Independent Reserve, Crypto Spend & Stripe as well as cutting edge digital production houses including Rotor Studios to ensure the highest quality of service capability and digital production.

Meet Moonshot

The team at MGL is a powerful force that has the ability to lead both the tech and the market.

Adriano Nepomuceno

Lead Software Engineer

who is deeply connected into the Web3 community. Delivered major projects for the likes of IBM, Datacom, IAG & Auckland University.

Marcos Sousa

Lead Software Solutions Architect

with a strong background in cloud native solutions. Large scale projects at AWS Professional Services included CBA, Xero, NZ Transport Agency & Sky TV.

Stratton Powell-Hughes

Operational & strategic leader

with extensive experience in Web Development, CGI & brand marketing innovation. Senior Executive across major projects for Toyota, Lexus, Boeing, Epic Games & Audi.

Eugênio Brito

Senior Software Engineer

focused on large media organisations with expensive cloud experience. Eugênio expertise focuses on scalability, stability & security of large scale cloud environments.

Michael Tilley


Chairman of Latitude Group - Leading investor in many blockchain/Web3 startups including Mawson Infrastructure, Independent Reserve, Distributed Storage Solutions, MyWave AI Systems Developer. Former CEO of Challenger Financial and Chairman & CEO of Merrill Lynch Australasia.

Paul Dainty


Founder and CEO of Dainty Consolidated Group, Australia's leading entertainment promoter and shareholder of Independent Reserve.

Brian Walsh


Key member of the management team to launch Foxtel. Extensive experience in Film, Television, Radio, PR & Promotions and Music Touring in senior leadership roles. Currently Executive Director at Foxtel.

Our Approach to Market

Service Provider & Creator

MGL’s strategy is to build the best in class launch service provider for NFT campaigns & collections:

Best in class IT capability
Robust security framework
Maintain integrity with Web 3 communities
Foster relationships with outstanding exchanges
Continue to develop expertise in marketing, digital production and delivery

MGL strategy will see the company develop and sell for value developer, exchange and launchpad IT tools to reduce gas fees, simplify onboarding and grow the NFT user base.

In addition, MGL will create, develop or acquire principle digital asset rights, to deliver unique offerings to customers and differentiate MGL from the broader market.

Values & Principles

Integrity and transparency in all communications with our community.
Best in class approach to visual asset production & smart contracts which assure the rights of NFT customers.
Unique differentiated visual assets, fairly valued with their intellectual property rights protected.
Unique stores of value, managed by licensed & regulated providers.
Unique rights to participate in iconic events offered by established organisations of the highest quality.
An inclusive working environment where employees are owners and diversity, creativity and integrity are at our core.